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There's that area in your home or work-place that just drives you crazy because it functions terribly and looks worse ... we all have one (or many!). Often times, new eyes on that area can see great new solutions.                                                                                                                                                                                      
Working with a professional designer or decorator can relieve stress and offer new ideas that may never have presented themselves, because inevitably, after looking at the same problem for a long time it is hard to see it in a new light. Even professionals who have designed or constructed many structures, still look to interior designers for help seeing new ways to achieve fresh aesthetics.
Design Services Idea Inspiration Board From Elizabeth Andersen
Some clients may want a simple consultation with some fresh ideas and suggestions, while others may need help purchasing furniture and decor or creating new curtains and pillows, and still, others would be in need of furniture arrangement plans or plans for moving walls and creating new spaces. There are design solutions for every need and budget.
Start the conversation today, sometimes a simple sewing project, like a valance or cushion, can open discussion about cabinet color or fresh new art framing.  Sometimes, it's simply about successfully completing a small project and having created a new relationship with a professional whom you trust and who can help with ideas and decisions down the road.                 
Check out our Interior Design Services Page for some basic design packages and information about how we can help you deal with those trouble spots. Reach out and contact us any time to get the ball rolling on some new solutions for your space!

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