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I have had a surprising number of clients and friends tell me that they do not want anything on their windows because it looks like "just too much." I'm not sure what that exactly means, but I'm here to give those who are weary of window treatments some ideas they can live with and LOVE.

I think a lot of times dressing windows is associated with super-formal drapery. You all know I'm not one for frills and fluff, so I would never tell you that you need to go over the top with layers, sheers, drapery, valances and scarves. But, in main living areas, consider windows naked without something to soften them. 

Leaving living area windows bare is a little like getting dressed up for an evening out, but not doing your hair. You look unfinished. 

You don't have to do much, just simple panels on a rod, hanging narrowly on either side of the window makes no fuss, looks softened and finished. Some shutters, shades or a simple sheer always look amazing if you want to layer. That window going up the stair might not need anything though. I do love leaving a few windows bare, especially specialty windows, or if they're not in a living space.

Simple window ttreatments like linen panels are surprisingly affordable if created custom by a professional. For DIYers, Pinterest is full of information and instructions on the proper way to position your rod and simple panels are available anywhere from Pottey Barn to Amazon. I have to say a proper hem IS important, (they only look good draped all over the floor on HGTV and in magazines.) For the rest of us they look dirty and dust-bunnied in no time. If you're not having a pro help you, and you're  not a sewer, you can iron in your hem and tack it up with glue, hem tape, pins, etc, you just wont have the ability to use heavily, long term. (But if the goal is just to soften the edges of the window, then this is fine!)

So, don't be weary of window treatments, they're necessary for a finished, polished space, even casual ones. Call a professional (or do your research to DIY) and focus on keeping it simple and only one room to start. The simple style of curtain panels make a very subtle statement that you can live with and I'm sure you'll love.

By Anne Decker Architects

By Sims Hildich

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