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Elizabeth Andersen creates unique and customized surroundings and decor elements for customers and clients through tailor-made soft goods like throw pillows, cushions and curtains and hand-cast decorative cement objects to exceptional vintage pieces for the walls and accent pieces. She works one-on-one with clients to design spaces that feel curated, planned and livable with all the elements of custom, yet with a relaxed, modern vibe.

In a world where we are bombarded with ways to achieve anything we want with a click of a “Pay Now” button, it is very easy to become surrounded with things that have no meaning or quality. At Elizabeth Andersen, the goal is to work with clients to invest in beautiful, meaningful spaces that stand the test of time, not ones to be disposed of as the next trend arrives.

Clients and customers experience great care, personalization and communication when working with Elizabeth Andersen. From purchasing a pillow cover to redecorating a space, every customer has a vision that we want to see through to perfection. Our customers receive individualized and unique decor for their space, for which they specify the details, while interior design clients gain a meaningful, organically designed environment that provides comfort and inspiration, and ongoing design and decorating support.


Elizabeth Andersen first opened shop on Etsy in February of 2012. It happened to be on leap-day that year, but nonetheless, the company has enjoyed over five years in partnership with Etsy. With a little leap-day luck and a lot of hard work,  a niche was discovered, a following of people, who want the best, the highest quality and very unique and custom pieces for the home. Aware that there are home decor shops out there who mass-produce trendy decor, we moved toward what our customers want: something different, thoughtful, something classic, timeless, but with a modern vibe. Whimsical hand-cast cement accent pieces were added to the collection as well as specialty vintage items that can no longer be matched for design and quality.

Over time, people began approaching us for interior design help. With a relevant background, the step into the field seemed clear. Today, we work with clients who need everything from advice on a wall-hanging to a kitchen re-do or a consult on new construction. The online retail continues to be a mainstay of the business, new materials and concepts are being added regularly while greater focus on designer quality drives us. Now, Elizabeth Andersen collections can be found on Etsy or here at Everything is approached from the philosophy that nothing parallels quality, custom, meaningful design.


It all began for Elizabeth as being a lover of arts, design and collecting and the joy of seeing something constructed, decorated or renovated from nothing to something beautiful. Combining all these elements to bring others beauty in their spaces is the greatest thrill.

With a background in high-end residential construction, luxury residential and commercial architecture and custom sewing, she brings an extensive background in design to her clients. From the city of Chicago to its outlying areas, a lifelong path of construction management, interior decorating and design has been developed with a focus on curating pieces and spaces with individual style, quality meaning.

The Etsy shop began as the economy no longer supported the fields of high-end and luxury construction and architecture. With the arrival of children, making beautiful things became a way to not only be at home with them, but also to develop a business and continue to work at something loved.

Today, the juggling act with family and business is a challenge, but the thrill is there and the satisfaction of customers, friends and clients makes it worth it. Seeing people in love, comfortable and excited about their spaces brings true fulfillment.

We encourage everyone to reach out, drop us a line, we love to hear ideas and work through problems and propose solutions or make something perfect, no matter how small. Follow Elizabeth Andersen on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook. Sign up to be on our email list. We continue to grow and provide exclusive new goods and services. Start now, create the space you love.

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