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interior design and decorating services by elizabeth andersen


Achieving one-of-a-kind spaces for clients, we offer design services that are custom and unique to each project. Listed below are some broad examples of services available, but like everything we do, each project is completely specific to our clients' desires. Contact us today to discuss how we can make your space exactly what you need.

  • Interior design, construction & renovation consulting
  • Home decorating, furnishing arrangement & styling
  • Custom sewing
  • Purchasing
  • Color palette consulting


Visit our PRICING PAGE for cost of basic services or CONTACT us directly with questions about your project!


"There is no project too small or to large," you've heard it before, but this is certainly the case when working with home design and décor. Choosing a paint palette or styling a bookshelf can lead to a kitchen remodel years down the road. We understand this and bring the same level of detail-orientation to projects of all size and scope. Design and décor services (many listed below) are offered from palette development and home styling, to renovation or new-construction planning.

No project is alike, and no client's focus is the same, which is why we work with each client to develop a personalized commission from hourly to flat-fee or a combination of compensation methods. Our Primary Design Packages are flexible and unique to your style and needs, so you can achieve the space you always dreamed of sooner than you might think.





Everyone has a budget, and we are committed to sticking to it. A lot can be accomplished within a tight budget, and often times budget constraints lead to more creativity. Vast budgets are still budgets and working within them requires careful consideration, planning and allocation. This is important for achieving a well-planned and cohesive space when money is not setting tight limits. Whatever the budget might be, amazing things can be accomplished within its boundaries.



Healthy working relationships lead to happy clients. we know how important it is to clients to have the ability to make a quick phone call or email and get answers. It is also understood that clients find comfort in knowing that with the next step they take in home design and decorating, they can depend on having trusted support and, in the end, a design they are comfortable with and energized by. Cultivating this type of easy working relationship with clients is of utmost importance.

Beyond client relationships, successful projects start with each and every contractor, sub-contractor, artisan and supplier. We put great value on developing good relationships with clients and with every person we work with. The best relationships are those that span years and each person can be depended on for their hard work, quality and service.



Lastly discussed, but primarily important, communication is one of the key elements for achieving a successful project, whether it be choosing a new wall color or an constructing an additional 1500 square feet of living space, good communication is of highest importance. Elizabeth is dedicated to listening to her clients and fully understanding their needs and desires. She is equally committed to maintaining easy and prompt communication with a client and uses whatever method is preferred from phone calls and texts to email and social media.

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