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Vintage Audubon Society Carbonated Warbler Ilustration

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This Carbonated Warbler Illustration is from the 1941 MacMillan Company reproduction of the John James Audubon "Birds of America" drawings on Elephant Folio plates originally published in 1827 to 1830. These vintage reproductions have a rich, soft look and come unmounted and unframed (unless otherwise specified). 

  • Carbonated Warbler illustration printed with high quality oil inks on a heavy, acid-free paper for a wonderfully aged patina 
  • Reproductions are 75 years old and highly collectible
  • No water marks, mildew or other stains -- ideal for art display
  • Many different vintage Audubon illustrations from the 1941 Orinthology book, including the Northern Phalarope,  Booby and Loggerhead Shrike, are available at Elizabeth Andersen